Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just saw the customer preview of Windows 8... definitely its designed to compete with iPad ( against Apple) , against Android (Google), against Google Search and Ubuntu..

There is a famous saying :

"Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal"

We all already know that there is literally a war between Apple and Microsoft on who is the Best Artist.
Apple stole the idea of GUI from Xerox
and Microsoft are too better : they stole the Ideas from Apple itself

Now Micosoft stole again and my feel about these stolen things and the plots are as follows.

Android - Its was a quick reach to public : its a massive hit, every body going behind android now.. and u cant deny that ... Wat made it powerful? its lies in the strength of simplicity of its operation..
In android every things is done by an APP . as simple as that ..
wanna play ? a click is enough,
the mail! its a click ahead too and its dame fast(even though the inner working of So called APP and an installed application accessed from menu-> applications-> installed etc... could be same , APPs are elegant)
Microsoft has Copied it and boast them as their greatest achievement done. phew.. Copying is a shame .. and boasting about the copy ... cant think abt it.
They have copied the pattern drawing to unlock the the android phone in their new OS as their password mechanism :D

The Draw pattern mechanism to unlock the phone now in W8.

Next is the docking style of app...

Ubuntu - A well known Linux variant used widely now about 20 million user and growing day by day.. And it amazed every body using the latest GUI it provided in the Version 11.10.
Docking every application used to the left side.
u minimize it .. its vanishes from screen but sleeps in the dock... and u click that it comes live with a shaky dance( i love that).
This concept is copied now, and MS boasts about it too :P

Next is the Cold war with Google...
Every goes behind google for search now and in the past too.. Now the MS integrated every thing in W8 - i Mean they integrated every thing that they have produced MS exchange,mail, messenger,Bing etc etc...
search is simple in IE10 but works with Bing... a time will come where we change the preference to google .. but what about the integration to other apps from it? it will not be as smooth as it was with MS product.. so a part of W8 users start using other WS products...
So now the people move more to MS maps, Ms mails, MS chat , MS search, MS this, MS that etc etc...

Next is the market strategy Copied from Apple.
They(MS) have a lot of apps now for W8 and all our existing user are delighted about W8. but to use the W8 proper and effective we need Apps from their store .. its a easy way to income for them now.( Apple earned so much because they sold apps and also the iPad)
Going to Try out W8 now.

My VIEWS can change positive or negative as time goes and i use it ...

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