Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ganesh ! staying all alone!

Hey ppl let me pen down some thing about me, a cool guy having lots of friends to the enjoying every moment of Life.

Did my engineering in Computer science at Velammal! one of the famous colleges in Tamilnadu. Did my schooling in Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar (SSA) under the Ministry of Defense,India.

About Present Feel:
Bagavath Geetha stats: u came with nothing in the beginning so u have nothing to loose at the end!
but to me: i came with nothing to this coll and school! but had a huge friends and the happy days to loose at the ends!
how does Bagavath geetha accounts for this?

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  1. நாடாமா வெட்டிய மடிச்சி கட்டுங்க


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